London is not the talisman square for the Olot athlete Xavi Porras

London is not the talisman square for the Olot athlete Xavi Porras

On the morning of July 15 the 100 meter test served to ease the tension of the competition and focus efforts on getting a good result in the next day's length jump. The good sensations in training meant that the athlete of FC Barcelona could be able to reach 6'20m, however the competition was won by Lex Gillette (6'27m) followed by Ruslan Katyshev (6'21m) and Ricardo Costa de Oliveira (6'21m).

Image of Xavi Porras in the long jump with Miguel Angel Torralba in London 2017

Xavi, always positive, says that "it is a joy to compete in an Olympic stadium after 5 years where, although the medal was not achieved, I did get a personal mark in 100m (11'79s) and the National record in reliefs in the semifinals (43'26s). As always, the athlete appreciates the support of his sponsors Manxa, La Finestra sul cielo and JPS English School, as well as the dedication of his coach, Miguel Angel Torralba, and his guide, Enric Martín Panadés. He also has a special mention for all the people who follow and encourage him: "It is a fundamental support and always offers me a lot of wind in favor.".

Image of Xavi Porras running near to Enric Martn the 100 meters in London 2017

Image which shows sponsors logos MANXA, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School already have joined at XP Project and Paralympic as official organization.