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In the qualifying round in the 4x100 meters fell to the ground the aspirations of Xavi Porras to expand his sporting achievements with a new medal in his fourth Paralympic Games.

During the relay, baton and guide rolled on the floor, preventing the access to the final of the Spanish team. "We had come in shape, but in this tournament we lacked what all athletes ask for, a little luck," the athlete of FC Barcelona laments. "However and coldly thought, we completed our participation in these my fourth Paralympics diploma, for sixth place in the long jump, and above all with a clear conscience because he has struggled and tried. Now it is a matter of letting a little time go by, meditate and discuss the future with family and coach. From here we will give encouragement and convey our strength to the comrades who are still in competition as I say in my motto.. RUN & FLY, NEVER gIVE UP. That's the spirit of excellence that drives me as an athlete and in life. There is no other but not to give up and move on".

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