The best year for Xavi Porras continues. This Thursday he has been named the best athlete of 2016 at the Sports Gala of Gerona held at the Cine Teatro Comptal of Ripoll. XP won the triathlete Nan Oliveras and hockey player Jordi Adroher with a tight vote from 33 members of the jury.


Foto Xavi recibe Premio Mejor Deportista Girona

The athlete from Olot, who took the stage with a very special guide, his 4 year old daughter Egara, becomes the first Paralympian to get this recognition in the Awards Council of Girona, which is a big step for the inclusive sport. Other winners in the female category were the athlete Nora Fernandez or CPA Olot as the best team in the province of Gerona.

This award comes at the hands of XP in a great year that has already certified his passport for Rio with a spectacular jump of 6.40, he has hung the gold in the European Championship of Grosseto, he has been awarded the Bronze Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit Sports Council, he has been elected ambassador of the charity project "Positive Selfishness", he has entered the platform crowfunding "Patrocinalos" and has shared his XPeriences in multiple companies, universities, forums and schools. An exceptional year in which the best is yet to come in the Paralympic Games of Rio to be held next September.

 "Gerona has done something very important in the inclusive sport, because without anyone having requested it, they have taken the step of choosing a blind athlete on his merits. This is a demonstration that society is evolving. For me it is a great recognition that it would not have been possible without my guide Enric, my coach Miguel Angel, my sponsors and my family that day after day they sacrifice themselves so that I can keep competing, "said an excited Xavi Porras.

Image which shows sponsors logos MANXA, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School already have joined at XP Project and Paralympic as official organization.