"After all the sacrifice during four years, I will give everything for the podium in Rio"

"After all the sacrifice during four years, I will give everything for the podium in Rio"

Xavi, you already have the minimum B for Rio, that has to give you relief ...
More than relief, what gives you is confidence, especially considering that we have changed the way to jump by extending a couple of strides and varying the position of my coach during the break, before, Miguel Angel Torralba was placed at the end and now he stands about 6 meters before so my last three steps are done with him behind me. So far, the first race went very well and that's why we keep on working with this new method in search of the minimum A (6.16), but above all, we’re trying to achieve the 6'40 with normality. That mark would give us options to fight for medal in Rio.
You had several physical problems last year ... how do you feel?
I am fully recovered from both the operation and my muscle problems. In fact, in the World Championship of Doha I could compete without discomfort, but the problem was that two months before I had a relapse of an old injury in the rectus which stopped me from competing properly. It's all forgotten and now what we are trying is with prevention, prevent injuries.
What do you expect from 2016?
This year is the culmination of a Paralympic cycle that would be my fourth Games. This means great enthusiasm, desire and a positive tension that we all love. Competing in the Games is competing in the most important event for any athlete.
At what point are you in your preparation?
We are starting to work more on speed after a phase of power and strength. Our intention is to improve fitness to get well to several championships taking place in May, in Hospitalet and Basauri. The goal is to get a peak here to allow us to achieve the minimum A. In addition, this year we are considering to participate in a meeting in Grosseto (Italy).
And you don’t stop out of the tracks...
The truth is that more and more projects appear and that allow me to continue evolving. I try to explain what the sport gives me with motivational speeches in which I convey my testimony to different types of audiences as companies, universities, colleges...
What does it mean for you to talk to companies like SIFU Group, attending conferences such as the IMO or going into a project like Positive Selfishness?
At first I thought my life was motivating for others, but when you realize that they begin to trust you as a speaker you think it can become a way of life. A part from the economic performance you can get from your work, these XPeriences generate you a special motivation. You feel that you are committed and they like what you transmit. All together incites you to keep improving.
You’re also in the Patrocinalos platform alongside other elite athletes ... What does it mean?
Well, that a project as Patrocinalos offers you to be part of it, goes far beyond the economic contributions that you can get. Being in that group is an extra huge motivation that athletes always need. As in the case of the presentations, it is very gratifying they trust you.
Where do you see yourself in Rio?
What I have very clear is that I will fight for a medal in length and do my personal best in the 100 meters to try to enter the 4x100 which is a very nice test. Anyway, this is sport and when you're in the competition you never know, how you and opponents are going to be. I want to make sure everybody knows that after all the sacrifice during four years, especially with my wife and my daughter, I will give everything for the podium. I have very clear that I will not lose, in any case my rivals will beat me, but the options are there and we will go for them.
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