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Positive Selfishness and Xavi Porras have decided to join forces. The Paralympic athlete becomes a new ambassador of a project that was born in September 2015 to integrate people with disabilities into the world of sports.

Xavi Porras Egoismo Positivo 1

The first seed was put in 2012 with its promoters Jesus Oliver and Alejandro Parreño with a first common project in favor of AFANOC. In 2014 Menorca running(185km) became to raise funds for Sanfilippo disease and a steady return which make Positive Selfishness a major project of values that now Xavi Porras joins in a year that the best blind jumper of Spain will participate in his fourth Paralympic Games next September in Rio de Janeiro.

Xavi Porras Egoismo Positivo 2


Xavi Porras: "When Jesus Oliver contacted me I did not doubt it. A lot of projects as Positive Selfishness are needed and any support they receive is little. It is a great honour for me to become an ambassador of this project".

Jesus Oliver: "The sporting career of Xavi struck us and we thought that Positive Selfishness could support him in his 4th Paralympic Games. Also, we were wowed by his outgoing personality, his winning character and how to deal with the difficulties found in his personal and sporting life".

Image which shows sponsors logos MANXA, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School already have joined at XP Project and Paralympic as official organization.