Paralympic champion Xavi Porras continues to prepare its challenge of the season, the Paralympic Games in Rio , but parallel continues to transmit the values of "Project XP , bound for Rio 2016" through its conference called xperiences.

The athlete Olot was one of the protagonists of the round table organized by the IMO Foundation for World Rare Disease Day , held before an audience of 150 attendees could see first hand testimony by the models also Paralympians Elena Congost and Ignacio Avila.

Visual impairment is part of their "normal" so that the truly extraordinary is its determination to "accept and then overcome it" , in the words of Xavi Porras. "We are the first ambassadors and responsible for explaining to others what happens to us and what is the best way to treat. From experience , it is clear that the knowledge of both parties is essential to stop feeling "Mowgli in The Jungle Book"; rara avis in a strange environment.

Image Xavi Porras talk in the IMO with the image of the projected jump back xavi longitude

This optimism in facing the current challenges was shared by IMO specialists who participated in the round table in relation to the challenges of the future treatment of hereditary retinal dystrophies . Dr. Rafael Navarro stressed the search for new solutions and therapeutic ways to improve vision and empower patients while Dr . Esther Pomares spoke of advances in genetic research and the door will soon open gene therapies. Both experts , along with Dr. Anniken Burés , who served as moderator of the event , conveyed their work and total commitment to the race strategy , improvement and hope for rare diseases ; a daily struggle that also relies beat.

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Image which shows sponsors logos MANXA, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School already have joined at XP Project and Paralympic as official organization.