The Spanish athlete Xavi Porras was at the highest level of the year but could not fight for medals in the final of the long jump for the blind (category T11) in the World Championship of Doha, held this morning at Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium, in Qatari. The athlete from Olot finished seventh after getting his personal best of the season in the first jump with a record of 5,89.

The performance of Xavi for Doha was unknown due to an old injury which resappeared a month before the competition, causing difficulties for his preparation not being able to train the long jump a week before leaving for Doha as well as the operation that our champion underwent in February.

Imagen de Xavi saltando en Doha con Torralba detrás mirando

Despite the drawbacks, Xavi has proven himself near six meters at a competition in which he has conmitted three invalid jumps, trying to fight for his ninth World Cup medal. His three valid jumps were 5,89, 5,88 and 5,74.

The victory was for the world record in the category, the American Lex Gillette with a spectacular jump of 6,38, winning the silver medal, the athlete Azerbaijan Elchin Muradov (6,27), and the bronze one for the Ukrainian Rusian Katyshev (6,22). The level of the final was the best ever recorded with six athletes over 6 meters, five of them exceeding 6,20.

Now Xavi has to look forward in order to get a passport for Rio 2016, which would be his fourth Paralumpic participation, where he hopes to fight to conquer a new medal in a spectacular track record.

Xavi Porras said these words at the conclusion of the event: "I've been quiet, I competed well, what happens is that adjustments in the race have failed and that is lack of training. This is another championship, I am seventh in the world. Doha was a thermometer to Rio and I have clear that I must be in my brand if I want to qualify for medals and seek 6,40 which is what I'm going to work from now on".

Despite all the difficulties he has faced along the way, the athlete of FC Barcelona has given once again the most in a World Championship which is the first stop of the "XP Project, towards Rio 2016", which has started with the support of the platform crowfunding, "Sponsor Them" and his sponsors Manxa, Powergym, La Finestra Sul Cielo, JPS English School and Meikin.

Image which shows sponsors logos MANXA, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School already have joined at XP Project and Paralympic as official organization.