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Students from Grade of Education at the University of Barcelona and of Secondary of Salesianos of Badalona receive a practical class of our champion

Our Paralympic athlete continues to give lessons of improvement and effort, this time he explained to prospective teachers and boys and girls between 12 an 16 which is the best way to motivate through their personal experiences and personal stories.

Xavi Porras told the excited students about his personal experiences, as for example going out with his friends and that it helped to increase his personal autonomy, or also when in class drawing geometric figures and seeing nothing got better grades than his classmates.

Image of Xavi Porras giving a lecture to student of teaching at the University of Barcelona

After this, Xavi made the students walk, run in pairs, one blindfolded and the other being a guide, using voice guidance...

They were two very sucessful classes that broke out of the routine of Grade of Education and secondary students of Salesians of Badalona. Xavi taught the importance of developing the rest of the senses when you lack the sense of sight and the importnace of daily effort and sacrifice for the day of tomorrow when these students put into practice what the Paralympic champion, Xavier Porras taught them.

Image of Xavi Porras doing a conference to students of Salesians of Badalona

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