“I want to convince more sponsors to join the project 'Road to Rio 2016' in the team that I already have with Manxa, Powergym, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School"

“I bet to improve in sports, but also my appearance"

“We are working with MRA Sports on a big challenge that can take me to the most exciting adventure of my life"

One of the leaders of the International Paralympic sport, Xavi Porras, show us as he prepares for his new challenges

Image-xavi-enric-and-miguel-with-the-lyon-2013-championship-official-poster-in-the-background2015 will be a very special year. He face his tenth season in the Foortball Club Barcelona, preparing with his coach Miguel Angel Torralba and guide Enric Martin the World Championships of Doha'15 which will be the prelude to his fourth Paralympic Games in Rio'16, but he is also working on challenges that will surprise more than one. Xavi is still looking for new goals that keep him motivated and that makes shine more his CV which already includes 18 international medals between Paralympic Games, World Championships, Europeans as well as the world redord for indoor triple jump.

Xavi closes a 2014 with a new medal despite the difficulties...What is the balance?

It is a bittersweet balance, because a month and a half before the European Championship in Swansea I started to feel sore in the left groin and although I kept competing, I was not 100%, despite this, I got the bronze medal in the jump length with a mark of 5,93 m, within an inch of the silver medal and only 3 cm of the gold. Getting that medal despite the difficulties and being so close to gold give us more strength for the future.

What do you ask to 2015 professionally?

Keeping on improving the technique and speed to achieve best brands and the largest number of medals in the coming challenges, the Championship of Spain and especially the World Championship of Doha, which is taking place in October this year.

Xavi after London 2012 has given up preparing the triple jump, why?

PBecause in the first draft schedule submitted by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) they have left out this test so I decided to focus on the long and the 100 meters, a test that can also lead me to be in the 4x100 relay.

Why have they removed the triple jump?

I do not know. I was surprised by the decision because the official criteria (a minimum of 6 athletes from at least 3 different continents) were met. I don't know which have been the interests to remove a test that to everyone seems spectacular. Not only will be the blind athletes who are not in Rio in the Triple, but no discipline in any category. However, the most surprising thing is that today there is no definite timetable. It's hard on my fourth Paralympic Games to renounce to a proof that has given me so much.

Looking on the bright side, now you have the long jump, 100 meters and the 4x100 relay. Do you bet on the three to Doha?

Of course, I want to get in the best position in Doha, as it is in October, the workouts vary with respect to other Championships, I usually try to increase the intensity gradually in the first trimester, ending in total fulfillment of conditions at the end of the second term, but Doha is different as the conpetition is so late, I have more time to prepare, plus I'm with the peace of the minimum legth made. Of course, speed is an important asset in this 2015, and I also work hard to make one of the coaching 4x100.

You're one of those athletes that focuses on improving in sports but also the appearance...

Lately I've chosen to grow in both aspects and that includes improving my image and expand my presence in the media and for that I started workingwith experienced professionals that are MRA Sports. I think it's important to convey the daily improvement and encourage many people to practice sport or having a disability, it is not intending to give up and get goals every day. In this respect I also want to improve and therefore I will change my logo and restructure my website. A new year of great sporting challenges and thrills begins and I want to reach the public opinion.

There are many people who are with you, believe i n you and support you, but to grow it would be better to increase that number of people for the project "Road to Rio 2016"...

Yes, I thank my sponsors to share this wonderful adventure with me (Manxa, Powergym, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School), but I work to get more support. The first thing I want is to give more visibility to my current sponsors and partners, from there I look for more sponsors who believe in this project that I'm sure will be plenty of joy.

Xavi is preparing a surprise for his followers in 2015...

Yes, a special adventure to take me to a spectacular place, but details will be known little by little. If all goes well it can become the most exciting adventure professionally I have ever lived, it is something different to what I've done so far, something new, for the extreme conditions that it will be developed in and what it means to me, a blind athlete who struggles every day to grow and excel himself.

I just know that it'll be an extra injection of adrenaline and it motivates me, I'm sure it will surprise me and at the same time I feel an enormous respect for the magnitude of the challenge "It's terrific".



Image which shows sponsors logos MANXA, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School already have joined at XP Project and Paralympic as official organization.