Our athlete does his personal best of the season in the long jump.

This evening the 9th edition of the International Paralympic Hospitalet meeting was held in the ski resort of Hospitalet Nord, an event that has been the most international as it has gathered more than 100 athletes from 13 countries.

Image of long jump podium in the  with Xavi and Alexis Maximiliano

Xavi has beaten his personal record this season, just 7cm from his best jump with a result of 6.24m, in the 100m he has finished first in its class with a time of 12.18s and to finish the day he has taken part in the 4x100m relay team by getting 47.07s.

‘I'm very happy although I have not been able to beat the American Alexis Gillette, one of my main opponents worldwide by 10cm, the record of 6.24m represents a rise of important moral for upcoming competitions, regarding speed, I'm still not ready to run fast so I am satisfied with the result of 12.18s in the 100m. Regarding the 4x100m the result has been bad, but the race has been very positive to get to know the team. Finally, I want to thank the sponsors and volunteers of the meeting for their involvement, because they are the ones who make this event possible as well as bigger and bigger year after year’, said Xavi.

Image which shows sponsors logos MANXA, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School already have joined at XP Project and Paralympic as official organization.