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Today Xavi welcomed Enric and said 'see you' to Javier Ramos!


This afternoon our athlete has done the last training with Javier Ramos, but from tomorrow morning and after two months of very hard but effective recovery, Enric is fit and willing to run alongside Xavi.

Xavi feels very fortunate to have had the help of Enric and Javier. He told us that there were two things left to thank; firstly, for the effort and dedication he has shown to recover from his injury and be ready for the Championships, and secondly for his availability he has had at any time without expecting anything in return.

Also, the Tandem Speed is going to be in Segovia the next weekend making a small stage and it will be on Monday 15th when they'll definitely travel to Lyon.

Picture of Xavi between Enric and Javi tied up with a competition rope

Image which shows sponsors logos MANXA, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School already have joined at XP Project and Paralympic as official organization.