Xavi loses the medal in the 4x100m and in the triple jump.

Even though the relay team finished the race with the fastest time in the final and setting a new record(43.26 s) in Spain yesterday morning, at night they could not change the witness from the second to the third handing over, because it went to the ground, and with it, any option to get a medal.

The bad news continued this morning in the triple jump, because with a record of 12.19m our athlete has had to put up with the fifth place, which is his second Paralympic Diploma. Gold was won with 12.91m, silver with 12.75m and bronze with12.50m.

"It's been very tough times, in all my years I have not seen such a good relationship with the rest of the team and that's why it hurts more, but I am very proud to have made a state record with these partners, and all I want is just to thank them. The triple jump contest has been another thing, I still do not understand what has happened, the medals were affordable, I have not entered in competition at any time, I had mixed feelings, I do not know, do not understand anything ", said Xavi.

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