Xavi yesterday paraded at the opening ceremony of his third Paralympic Games.

image of Enric, Xavi and Miguel at the opening of the London 2012 games

Our athlete, who had already been discovering the Paralympic Village facilities with his guide Enric Martin and his coach Miguel Ángel Torralba, has made one of the dreams of any athlete with disabilities come true participating in the Games!

Dressed for the occasion, the members of the national team walked from the Village to the Stadium. Xavi told us that he lived a very emotional moment, as they were the first games without Rosalia, but our ex-athlete was a few meters away from him, on the stands, without missing a minute of the ceremony.

Xavi told us that he has good feelings and with his guide, coach, his wife Rosalia, his little baby Egara, siblings and parents as well as many other people that support him, he believes he has everything to do it well.

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