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This weekend, Xavi participated with mixed results in the Athletics Championship of Spain, held in Basauri for people with disabilities.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning, Xavi began his participation in the triple jump. He finished second overall and first in his category, with a best distance of 12.30m.

imagen de xavi en el podium de basauri 2012

This morning, Xavi competed in the 100m and the 4x100m relay alongside his teammates. Xavi finished first in the 100m, matching his best record with the stopwatch at 11.88s and a good time in relay with 45.81s.

imagen de andrea entregando el ramo a xavi después del triple basauri 2012

Xavi said that whilst his training changed at the beginning of this month to focus on London rather than upcoming competitions, he expected to achieve better results on the triple jump, but he is very happy with his time in the 100m.

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