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The final list for the London Olympic Games has been published.

This morning, the Spanish Paralympic Committee presented the media with the final list of the athletes that will participate in the London Paralympic Games.

The team will consist of 224 individuals, of which 142 will be athletes. And as expected, Xavi Porras will be one of these representatives of Spain in what will be his third Olympic Games.

Furthermore, the cash prizes to be awarded to medal-winning athletes were approved a few days ago (€10,000 for gold, €5,000 for silver and €3,000 for bronze).

As Xavi said, “This publication means that this will be kicking off before long and there is nothing left to do but oil the machine to get in optimal shape, and that is where we are today. With regard to awards for medals, I think that if I do win a gold, silver or bronze medal, an increasingly difficult goal, it will help, but there is still much to do before Paralympic sports are comparable to the rest, and we all have to do our part in that respect”.

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